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We have a new system based on QR codes that allows organizers to improve the accreditation process and provides the public with accessing data collection, through a smartphone, data from participants in a simple and direct way.

The system allows loading QRY information in an automated manner setting a maximum of 45 seconds from the time the person reaches the counter with his personal card until it is given a badge.


Control access to your events, generate marketing actions in real time, store databases or send marketing material to your visitors immediately.


Type of Event / AADEJA

Fecha / 11 -  13  July 2012

Lugar / Buenos Aires, Argentina


¿What is a QR code?

It is a system that stores information in encrypted form which can be read from a PC, smartphone or tablet through image capture devices (camera or scanner).

¿How does it work?

- Take the pre-registration information, professional card is scanned at a maximum of 45 sec. at check in or data is loaded in a personalized way.

- The printed label will have the name and surname of the person, the company to which it belongs, country and a QR code with all existing information on the business card of the same.

- So any company or guest has access to visitor information by scanning the code printed on your badge with your smartphone.


- Agility in the registry.

- Real-time information.

- Database generation immediately.

- Reading contact information with any smartphone.



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