We design innovative spaces reflect the creativity applied to the design and architecture achieving solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

We propose solutions through a constant search for new techniques, materials and technological developments that allow us to surprise the visitor, helping to position the brand in the heart of their customers. A supplier to the idea that you actually. Have or to help you find one that is required for the fulfillment of its objectives.


We are a group of creative trained in various disciplines, together we design and build projects Architecture passionately Advertising & Events that convey the uniqueness of our customers.


Stands, corporate events, showrooms, commercial architecture, special projects.

We design functional spaces that communicate the content of the brand, working from information provided to achieve strong links between space and the idea is transmitted.


We build projects throughout the Americas, covering North, Central and South America.

Our main office and design management is in Argentina. We arrived where his company needs to be present thanks to a strong network of partners.
In Grupo Seres, each project faces a unique way to optimize production and achieve the best results.


International Coverage

Close the gap is to optimize budgets, we have offices in Argentina, Brazil and a wide network of partners that allow us to design and build the entire American continent.

Integral Production

We have our own factory equipped with carpentry and blacksmithing where produce from the simplest to the most complex projects and innovative structures, controlling the entire execution from concept to assembly.

Complementary Services

Our designs are accompanied with a wide range of services such as human resources, catering, shows, audiovisual productions, interactive entertainment, among others, down to the last detail of their presentations. A single vendor for all solutions.

Qualified suppliers

We work with partners that offer high quality and commitment to bring innovative solutions to the challenges proposed.

Institutional support

We are members of the Cámara Argentina de la Industria Ferial – CAIFE.



We develop projects contemplating their marketing objectives and business needs to make your brand shine, making it memorable for its customers.
For over 10,000m2 we produced more than 1,000 projects, more than 100 clients, more than 10 years and one common goal:grow your brand.

Because growing your business is our target.

TRY, Modulation Venues

System equipment division and transforming spaces MEETINGS POINTS generators areas of business meetings between attendees and exhibitors of Congresses and Exhibitions.

Special Developments

When the challenge requires different solutions, design is our response to turn a problem into a creative opportunity.

Corporate Events

Every time a corporate event provides a unique opportunity to create a memory that will make your brand memorable.

QRY, System of Interactive Accreditation

With a QR code on your accreditation this system allows event participants take personal data with a cell phone or tablet, facilitating interaction in real time without the need for additional devices.