Our Team

Luciano Mociulsky
Position: Founder
Area: Director
Superpower: disruptive thinking
Hobby: Xtreme Sports

Roxana Acosta
Position: Architect
Area: Production
Superpower: Technical Super-Vision
Hobby: Gardening

Yuvanoska Rodríguez
Position: Graduate
Area: Commercial
Superpower: Sales
Hobby: Dance

Maria Teresa Gil Ogliastri
Position: Postgraduate
Area: Administration and finance
Superpower: Dance
Hobby: Crochet

Giovanni Diantonio
Position: Architect Jr.
Area: Production
Superpower: Basketball
Hobby: Cooking

Helena Mociulsky Butula
Position: Audiovisual Production Technician
Area: Audiovisual
Superpower: Video Editing
Hobby: Astrology

We believe in the value of each member of our team, making them the most important asset of our company. Our business model is forged by integrating professionals in teams fitted to each client and project needs.

Our working process

Our projects in Argentina and the rest of the continent

We set up projects worldwide thanks to an international network of partners and local suppliers that keeps our same quality standard. Therefore, we manage to take your brand worldwide and push your company where your business needs to.

Our other Business units


We create exhibition booths to showcase your product, create brand awareness and highlight your company’s unique traits.


We develop corporate events creating memorable experiences for your guests and pushing your brand forward.


When our client’s needs are different and the challenge raises we know how to find the best solution for your project.